PT. Mitralanggeng Prama Konstruksi (MITRA Konstruksi) is a construction services
company established in 2016 with head office located in Jakarta. Within the first year of
our establishment, we have successfully expanded into two branch offices in Surabaya and
Bali as well as having numerous projects all around Indonesia.
Currently, we are one of the most fastest growing construction companies in Indonesia.
Our growth mainly derived from our good reputation in the industry. We are known to
deliver excellence in every project, as well as maintaining strong client relationships with a
focus on partnering and collaboration.
Our company comprises of a team that acquired broad skills, knowledge,
and experience across different sectors in the industry. By having highly qualified and
experienced personnel, we ensure that our clients have full confidence in the quality and
excellence of the projects we deliver.
As part of our core principle, we believe that good communication with the clients is the
key to a successful project. As a result, majority of our business is with repeat clients. Our
clients range from private individuals to commercial entities and governmental institution.
By haviing a broad range of clients we are also experienced in building small residential
projects, large-scale high-rise buildings, hotels, apartments, factory to


“Mitra” : Partnership

As partnership is the core principle of our company, we regard our clients as our partners.
We make sure that we have common goal in completing every project with Quality, Time,
and Budget as our priority.

“Langgeng” : Long Lasting

In relation to our core principle, we aim to build a long-lasting relationship with our partners
and stakeholders that will remain a lifetime.

“Prama” : White

It symbolizes the trust from our clients. We strive to appreciate and protect the trust we
have been given.

“Konstruksi” : Construction

We are commited to focus in construction as our main business and expertise.

Office 1


We Aim to be the most reliable and respectable company in the industry by continuously
growing towards success together with our partners and stakeholders.



We aim to provide value-added construction services to our clients by creating long-term
partnership and delivering outstanding services. As part of our philosophy, we promote
the longevity of our company through pertnering with repeat and new clients along with
all suppliers. We strive to always provide our highest quality services at fair and competitive
price. By having attention to details and service-minded attitudes we are able to
minimize all risks as well as to work efficiently and effectively

Quality Policy

We provide construction services with a commitment to deliver high value work and build relationships with all partners

We always strive for the following :

  1. Ensure the work complies with customer requirements, government regulations, and applicable standards.
  2. Optimizing the utilization of technological developments in terms of construction materials, equipment and working methods.
  3. Maintain and create a competent and professional manpower and create a sense of ownership in employees so that work efficiency is achieved.
  4. Implement efficient and effective system of financial resource management and cost control system and place partners (suppliers, subcontractors and consultants) as part of teamwork.
  5. Implementing ISO 9001 quality management system effectively and continuously striving for improvement

The Dream Team

PT. Mitralanggeng Prama Konstruksi (Mitra Konstruksi) was established on January 2016 by senior managements with more than a century worth of combined experiences in wide range of the construction industry.

Commissioners & Board of Directors


Young Generation of  Mitra Konstruksi






Commissioners, Directors, Managers and Young Generation of Mitra Konstruksi




Board of Commissioner

Picture of Edi Yosfi

Edi Yosfi

President Commissioner

As the President Commissioner of PT. Mitra Langgeng Prama Konstruksi , Edi Yosfi brings in the business mastery he’s earned throughout his career. Through a list of portfolio ranging from Palm Oil, Oil and Gas Industry, Property, Heavy Electricals, to Automotive Development, Edi Yosfi is the definition of superior entrepreneur in his own right. Along with the knowledge attained from his Bachelor Degree in engineering from German -The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Mitra Langgeng Prama Konstruksi is certain to embark on an optimistic future under his business actions

Picture of Dewi Sisca Puspita

Dewi Sisca Puspita


Ms. Sisca was a second best graduate of batch 2013 from faculty of law, University of Pelita Harapan, Tangerang. She had experienced working as an associate in Hiswara Bunjamin & Tandjung in association with Hebert Smith and Freehills. She also took a role in property development of a Five star hotel in Bali with 340 rooms, Bianca Hotel.

Board of Director

Picture of Ir. Oong Irianto

Ir. Oong Irianto

President Director

Mr. Oong founded Mitra Konstruksi together with several management teams. Formerly he held the position of President Director of PT. Tatamulia Nusantara Indah for 30 years. He has successfully grown the company from the ground to become one of the biggest construction company in Indonesia. Mr. Oong Irianto is the President Director of Mitra Konstruksi.

Picture of Ir. Yoppy Iswandana, MM

Ir. Yoppy Iswandana, MM

Executive Director

Mr. Yoppy started his career by working for a leading Japanese Company, PT Jaya Obayashi, for 20 years with his latest position as the Vice Director. During his service to the Company, he had vast experience in constructing Infrastructure, Industrial and Commercial Projects. Mr. Yoppy joined PT. Tatamulia in 2005 and has held various key positions in his 10 years of service to the company, he was trusted to be the Deputy Operational Director and responsible to guide numerous successful projects. In Mitra Konstruksi, Mr. Yoppy Iswandana hold the position of the Executive Director.

Picture of Sudiman, BA

Sudiman, BA

Commercial Director

As the Finance & Accounting Director of Mitra Konstruksi, Mr. Sudiman is responsible for maintaining the company’s strong balance sheet and providing strategic evaluations of growth opportunities and creating value for stakeholders. Before joining Mitra Konstruksi, Mr. Sudiman was the Accounting Director, Management Representative, and head of the Human Resources and General Affair of PT. Tatamulia Nusantara Indah.

Picture of Ir. Alexander Arifin Satyawan

Ir. Alexander Arifin Satyawan

Senior Director

Mr. Alex, formerly worked as Director for PT. Fressynet Indonesia for 29 years, dealing with prestressed works and construction method of some major bridges project in Indonesia, Commercial and Industrial buildings which include the ground anchors works for retaining wall of the basements. After his years in PT. Fressynet Indonesia, Mr. Alex joined PT. Tatamulia Nusantara Indah as a Project Advisor before moving to Mitra Konstruksi as a Senior Director.

Picture of Ir. Soegianto Soekidjan

Ir. Soegianto Soekidjan

Project Director

With more than 25 years of experience working for PT Tatamulia Nusantara Indah, Mr. Soegianto started as a Project Manager,then a Project Coordinator. Later, he was trusted the position of Deputy Operational Director. Throughout his career, he has managed to lead diverse large-scale construction projects, such as Industrial, Pharmaceutical and High-rise buildings as well as Hospitals and Shopping Complex. In addition, thanks to his time as the Director of PT Manikam Adiguna Kencana for more than 3 years, he has acquired a very good understanding in Aluminum, Glass and Facade Construction.

Picture of Eric Tjahjadi, BSc.

Eric Tjahjadi, BSc.

Project Director

Graduated from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a degree as a civil engineer, Mr. Eric worked in the United States for a cut and fill company for a year before returning to Indonesia. He then joined the work force of PT. Tatamulia Nusantara Indah and worked there for the past 6 years with the latest position of a Project Manager. In those 6 years he was involved in many projects ranging from design and built, factory, infrastructure, and office building project. From the year 2016, Mr. Eric joined Mitra Konstruksi and enstrusted to be Senior Project Manager.

Picture of Himawan Pranoto, ST

Himawan Pranoto, ST


Mr. Himawan began his career as a supervisor. He then worked for PT. Tatamulia Nusantara Indah as a Chief Engineer in 2002, later he took a position of Site Manager in 2005. Still with PT. Tatamulia Nusantara Indah, he has handled various projects as Project Manager from 2010-2016. Now, Mr. Himawan is in charge as a Project Coordinator of Mitra Konstruksi to handle several projects in Surabaya since 2016.

Picture of Ir. Hartoyo Buntarja

Ir. Hartoyo Buntarja


Mr. Hartoyo began his career as Construction Manager in PT. Dacrea Prima Manunggal in 1992, then he joined PT. Tatamulia Nusantara Indah in 1996 as Chief Engineer. He was a Construction Manager in Sembawang Construction Singapore. Before joining Mitra Konstruksi as Director, he has experienced various positions for 15 years in PT. Pulau Intan Baja Perkasa Konstruksi as Project Manager, Project Coordinator, and his last position was as Operational Director.

Picture of Ir. Bagus Gde Patria, MM

Ir. Bagus Gde Patria, MM


Mr. Bagus has experience in construction for 29 years since he graduated from Institut Sains dan Teknologi Nasional (ISTN) Jakarta. He has experienced various positions in his career as Supervisor, Site Manager, Project Manager, and Operational Director. He worked as Site Manager in PT. Jaya Konstruksi for 3 years, and then moved to PT. Tatamulia Nusantara Indah as Site Manager and promoted to be a Project Manager for 13 years. He was a Head of Area in Bandung, and the last position he took before joining Mitra Konstruksi was as Operational Director in PT. Pulau Intan Baja Perkasa Konstruksi for 13 years.

Profesional Advisor

Picture of Ir. Sandi Hendrawan

Ir. Sandi Hendrawan

Mr. Sandi his career started to lead in the Japanese company, PT. Shimizu Lampiri in 1993 and then joined PT. Tatamulia Nusantara Indah branch Bali as a Project Manager. The last position as Project Coordinator at PT. Balinusa Intan. He has experience leading large-scale projects especially in hospitality such as Hilton Bandung, Conrad Hotel Bali and Rizt Carlton Hotel Bali. By Joining PT. Mitra Konstruksi he takes a role in on going project Moxy Hotel Bandung

Picture of Takatsugi Tanaka

Takatsugi Tanaka

Mr. Takatsugi Tanaka has excess of 35 years practical experience in Construction, Architecture, and Interior Design. He was graduated from Architect faculty at Institute of Technology as one of the top design schools in Japan. He had been working at Takenaka Corporation, Tokyo Head Office in Design Department (Building Planning Section) for 33 years and his last position was as Senior Architect. Then he became independent from Takenaka and established PT. Tata Alpha Design.